Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring robins and silkie chicks: a personal note

Winter has finally come to an end here in Alabama (fingers crossed), and the birds are returning in droves. On a drive back from Sewanee, TN, my family and I found a robin standing in the middle of the road. It didn't fly as cars drove by, and I watched in horror, waiting for it to be crushed by an oncoming car. We turned our car around, put on the hazard lights, and I scooped the robin up in my hands and carried it back to the car, wrapping it in my son's t-shirt. It was obviously in shock (probably hit a car windshield), and its eye was scabbed over. We placed the robin in a bottomless flight cage my husband had built for our diamond dove, and let it wait out the night in the garage. The next day, the robin was alert and anxious to get out of its cage, so I put some antibacterial ointment on its eye and set it free in our backyard, where after a few moments, it flew off. Hopefully its eye will get better and it will make a full recovery. One can only hope. 

My 8 year old daughter, being obsessed with silkie chickens, finally got two of them from a local silkie breeder, and she's besotted with the fuzzy chicks. Our four laying hens (Red Stars) will remain in the main coop and yard, while the silkies (when it's warm enough for them to leave the garage) will inhabit a separate coop. 

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