Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thanks to the crow

A lone crow set off cawing in our oak tree minutes before a red-tailed hawk flew in. Our four chickens and pet rabbit were all in the yard enjoying the sunshine when the alert was sounded. Seconds later, the crow chased the hawk away, while we gathered everyone up and got them to safety. Many thanks, Friend Crow.

"Black Birds" by Lisl auf der Heide

When the crows come
black against the darkening sky
their wings obscure the sun
and small sounds drown
in their strident caws. 
They storm the walnut tree
snatch the green fruit
drop it from great heights
retrieve the cracked kernels.
Again and again they dive
From tree to ground
feathers gleaming
where stray sunrays touch.
And when the mountains turn blue
with the haze of evening
the crows lift off in ebony formation
head toward some secret roost
where they blend into the night.

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